In 2007, I had my physical and weighed in at 158 lbs! When my results came, my cholesterol and sugar were at borderline. 2008-2009, I went through a tough phase in life and gained more weight, ended up at 180lbs. who is this? I kept asking myself. My clothes wouldn’t fit. How did I go from size 4 to 10 in a blink of an eye? While I was struggling to get back in shape and fix whatever issues I was going through, my dad (who has a history of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes), was in and out of hospital because his left hand side wouldn’t stop shaking. The Doctors performed different Neurology tests such as: CAT Scan & MRI. It was a very tough time for me having the only one living parent in and out of hospital and the worst desperation was the fact that they couldn’t control his blood pressure or his sugar. I ended up in a dark place confused and lost wondering if my dad was going to be okay or it’s going to be another incident where he will go to hospital and not come back home. By the grace of God they eventually diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease! I had to digest that! Things had to change on my end. This was my wake up call to lose weight and do it fast before I was pre-diabetic or on High Blood Pressure medication. I made a vow to myself that I will change my life. No way would my children endure what I had endured. I lost 50lbs from 180lbs. With my first goal achieved, I was excited and motivated to keep pushing. My second goal was to convince my African Military Style Father, to start walking small steps, stop drinking, eat healthy and keep up with medication since they are now part of his health/life. Metabolic diseases can be avoided let’s get rid of these diseases’ permanently. We all deserve to live a life full of health and not of Prescription medication every day. It’s my goal to change and add years in your life, one life at time.

I committed myself to helping Women achieve their mental, physical and wellness life transformation.

I launched KK Fitness Wellness and Nutrition in 2016, 2017 I quit my job which offered so much, to go work for LA Fitness to gain real Training experience and learn the Business. I was still operating KK Fitness on the side working on building clientele. In 2018 November, LA Fitness and I separated and I dedicated myself 100% to KK Fitness Wellness and Nutrition. I have changed so many lives, May it be physically, emotionally or all around wellness.


My mission and vision is to ensure we live a life full of spirituality and wellness, and not prescription medications. I am excited to add years to your life, while also focused on changing one life at a time through physical training, exercise and nutrition coaching. I believe we can be healthy without sacrificing the taste of our meals or extreme dieting. “We are all about Strength building and Empowering individuals!”

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To lose weight, it requires 80% nutrition and 20% physical exercise.

I love Terry!! Her kindness is met with the upmost professionalism and experience to provide you with the best workout. She’s tough but willing to meet you where you are in your journey towards wellness. I have some health concerns and Terry is always mindful of any modifications that fit my capacity. I always walk away with a sense of accomplishment that comes from having a great workout! I highly recommend her to all!!
Kelly F
I’ll be completely honest… Terry kicked my butt our first few sessions! But that’s what made it worth every penny! She meets you where you are at but also motivates you to challenge yourself. Her spirit is encouraging, she has a plethora of knowledge about fitness and nutrition and her pricing is fair. She means business! I would recommend Terry to anyone who is serious about making a change in their life.
Elias R
Terry is hands on the best trainer I have ever worked with! Her attention to detail when it comes to your form, body type, and what type of exercise you should be doing is absolutely phenomenal. She takes the time and effort to know her clients and even encourages them even on days when they don’t work out with her. She treats you like family and pushes you so that you can meet your exercise goals. You are in good hands with Terry. I feel so good after every workout I do with her highly recommend her!!!
Nancy G
Terry is an amazing trainer. She is well-informed about your overall health. I appreciate that she is concerned about your performance inside and outside of the gym. She is attentive to your unique challenges and doesn’t hesitate to customize your training to meet your specific needs. No cookie-cut here– she’s all about helping you become the best version of YOU!!
Terry is by far the best personal trainer I’ve EVER HAD! She’s personal and attentive to what you need as a client. She pushes you and recognizes your body type to create a customized workout for what you need.
Terry is great very professional. I’m glad I’ve the right choice by picking her she is very passionate in what she does and that helps me to keep push more to achieve my goals. Great trainer
José A.
It was my first day with Terry and she’s an amazing trainer. I had barely been to a gym in 2 years and so I thought it’s gonna be hard for me. But she was motivated and made sure I followed her instructions. Kinda looked like an easy session. She’s knowledgeable about her job. I am sure I’m gonna reach my goal to transform from fat to fit with a trainer like Terry.
Soumya P
Terry has been amazing so far! I just had my first session today and she pushed me while still respecting my limits as a beginner. She is friendly, encouraging, kind and it is clear she is really invested in your well being and success – and that she loves her job! Lucky to have found her!
Rachel M
Terry has been wonderful to work with! For one, she is always prepared and ready to work hard with me. I appreciate that she provides a variety of workouts, so we are always working on different muscles. Also, she watches closely to make sure my form is correct and that I’m performing the proper exercise out of the workout. With having a difficult afternoon schedule, she is always willing to accommodate the best she can, easy to communicate with, and enjoyable to be during the training sessions. Terry shows me helpful stretches for post-workout and encourages an overall healthy lifestyle of eating well, exercising, resting, and drinking plenty of water. I am very pleased with my weekly workouts with Terry!
Malissa C

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